In Cherbourg, the Musée de la Libération holds uniforms, photographs, maps, flags and excellent views of the sea on the hill above the town. The charming port of Honfleur is next, where you can stroll around the old harbor and visit the incredible wooden Church of Saint-Catherine. Then visit the poignant American Cemetery and Memorial, which overlooks Omaha Beach.

Finally, if your sea legs will allow, bicycle around the canals of Amsterdam where Rembrandt and Van Gogh likely did the same. View the gabled houses by their upside-down reflections in the canals, visit countless museums, festivals, the Anne Frank House, and, of course, the famed Red Light District.

AzAmazing Evening – Organ Concert in Monnickendam – INCLUDED 

Journey to Monnickendam and the “big church”of Grote Kerk, for an enchanting spectacle of architecture, music, and a live interpretation of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch.  In a time when military portraits followed strict convention, Rembrandt’s famous painting depicts Captain Frans Banning Cocq and his civil guards in dynamic motion. As you enter, costumed soldiers will greet you, setting the mood for authenticity. Sit down for a dramatic performance that includes two organs, a trumpet player and a mezzo-soprano. Then the evening will come to its climax with drums and actors marching to their fitting spot onstage while all the action and drama of Rembrandt’s monumental painting comes alive. Watch as an ordinary Dutch night transforms before your eyes.

Your voyage concludes with a memorable trip into the city of London, allowing you to make some history of your own as the ship moors just downriver from the famous Tower Bridge.

June 7th – 17th, 2018


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